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The Harding Allen Estate operates as a bed & breakfast inn, with six distinctive bedrooms,
each offering privacy and comfort in delightful surroundings.


We also offer more bedrooms in two cottages, the Rose Cottage and Lilac Cottage, attached to the grounds.

Please contact us for pricing and reservation availability. We prioritize guests attending weddings at our location. For weddings, there are special check-in times - please contact us directly to receive this information on when guests can check in or look in your planning packet at the bedroom assignment check in page and FAQs!

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The Estate

Garden Room

The jewel of the Estate is the Garden Room, a bedroom that, on five of its eight sides, overlooks the Old World gardens and lily pond. The room, gently painted in lavender and decorated in creams and pale greens, features a queen-size country garden four-poster bed in wrought iron, accommodated by the high ceiling. It has a spacious bathroom inside, with oversized shower.

Gold Room

The Gold Room is subtly decorated in warm golds and creams. It is dominated by a luxurious king-size four-poster bed. It has a bathroom with both shower and tub, through which it is connected to the Peach Room. The two rooms can be rented as a suite.

Peach Room

The Peach Room is a cozy, economical room with a double bed. It can be rented as a suite with the connecting Gold Room.

Red Room

The Red Room is a king-size room with a king-size four-poster canopy bed of imposing black wood. The spacious room is decorated in regal red and yellow fabrics, and is richly furnished. The Red Room has a private bathroom inside it, with both shower and tub.

Blue Room

The Blue Room is a light and airy room, with bistro furnishings and a queen-size French Country four-poster bed.

Tan Room

The Tan Room has a warm Victorian feel, with a queen-size cherry-wood mansion bed.

The Lilac Cottage

Lilac Cottage

The Lilac Cottage is within walking distance on the Estate grounds. It contains three bedrooms.

It has a common area downstairs.

Room #1

Lilac Room #1 has a Queen size bed and a Double sized pullout in a side room.

It has a private bathroom.

Room #2

Lilac Room #2 has a Queen size bed.

It has a 1/2 bath, with a private sink and toilet and has a shared private shower with Lilac Room #3.

Room #3

Lilac Room #3 has a Queen size bed and a Queen sized pullout in a side room.

It has a 1/2 bath, with a private sink and toilet and has a shared private shower with Lilac Room #2.


The Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage

The Rose Cottage is on the Estate property within walking distances. It contains three bedrooms on the second floor.

Room #1

Rose Room #1 has a Queen sized bed and a private bathroom and sitting area.

Room #2
20210222_151811 (2).jpg

Rose Room #2 is purchasable a single room or as a suite with Rose Room #3.


They have a shared bathroom, and each room has their own entrance to the bathroom.

It has a Queen sized bed.

Room #3

Rose Room #3 has a King sized bed and a full bathroom off of the hallway.

It shares a bathroom with Rose Room #2.

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