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Mille Grazie Bakery

Dessert Options for any Event!

Wedding Cakes and Cupcakes
Wedding Cake

We offer a wedding cake too moist and delicious to layer, with a FAUX wedding cake for you to display and cut!



NOTE: If you choose your own baker to bring in your wedding cake, there is a cake cutting fee of $2.50 per person.
There is also a setup fee of $100 for a candy dessert station or display.

If you prefer, our baker can prepare a real display cake for you at additional cost.



We also offer cupcakes!

Viennese Table

We also offer a fabulous Viennese table with a wide assortment of cookies, pastries, and other delicious treats. The items may include cannoli, eclairs, cream puffs, tarts, chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate macadamia cookies, brownies, and many others.


Other Viennese table options sure to wow your guests would be slices of cheesecake or pie in several different flavors, or an ice cream sundae bar. We can also set up a coffee liqueur station. Ask us about details and pricing for these and other dessert options!


Viennese Table
Italian Cookies
Italian Cookies

Our cookies are all hand-made and have been passed down through many generations. My great-aunt Josie taught my mother Lillian, who spent countless hours teaching me, and I have now passed them down to my daughter. Our family cookie recipes use only the finest ingredients, like real butter (no lard or trans-fatty oils), pure cane sugar, and NO preservatives! If you have been disappointed with bakery or store-bought cookies in the past, then be prepared to taste the difference in our homemade cookies from our new Mille Grazie Bakery. They are made in an Italian tradition of love and family pride, and are a gift you can be proud to bring to anyone’s table!

To order, please call the Estate at (978)-355-4920 during office hours from Thursday through Monday.

Send the sweet taste of Italy with a Mille Grazie Cookie Tray - a great gift for those celebrating all kinds of parties!


-Grace Gugliotti
The Harding Allen Estate

We can also prepare cookies as wedding favors!

All cookies are packaged in a cellophane bag, with ribbon matching your party colors charged separately.

For favors, the available cookies are:

cardamom & sugar cookies

chocolate chip cookies

Italian anisette cookies

chocolate chip cookies

white chocolate macadamia nut cookies


You can get 2 of any of the above cookies for $2.50; 3 for $3.00; and 4 for $4.00.

You can also get 2 oversized Italian stuffed cookies for $4.00.

We cannot make the struffoli available in these packages, due to the honey coating

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